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Cake Info:

Celebration Cakes:
-start at $375
{Regardless of the number of servings}

Prices for all custom designed cakes,including sculpted cakes, vary based on size,complexity and artistry of design, number of servings,theme and any specialty decorations added. 
See further below for Cake Flavors and Fillings.

More info available about our cakes in the FAQ section.

Wedding Cakes:
-start at $650 for Buttercream covered cakes
-start at $850 for Fondant* covered cakes

*Fondant {as seen here on this wedding cake} is a pliable sugar based frosting that is used to cover cakes and give it a smooth and elegant look and also creates a canvas for more elaborate decorations to be added than just buttercream iced cakes will allow. White fondant has an enjoyable marshmallow like flavor that is not too sweet. It is also used on all of our sugar cookies for easier decorating as well. 

Small Party Cakes(Round or Square):

- 12" decorated cake:Serves 40-45.
- $75* for Buttercream Filled & Iced

- 10" decorated cake: Serves 30-35.
- $65* for Buttercream Filled & Iced

-Half Sheet custom decorated cake:
Serves 50-60. 

- $125*
Includes 3 layers of cake w/2 layers of filling and iced with buttercream only.

*Fondant decorations - Add $25 
*Fresh Fruit added to filling - Add $25

Cupcake Info:

-Regular Cupcakes - $3.25 each
Minimum Order - 2 dozen


- Cupcakes w/ Fondant Decoration
$3.75 each - Minimum Order - 2 dozen


Cupcakes w/Cake Topper:

Cupcakes w/Cake Topper to add
to the top of your cupcake stand:
- Start at $200 and up

Includes a 6" round or 6" square fondant covered cake and 50 cupcakes.

Please note: Cupcakes DO NOT come with cupcake stands, the stands are available for rental when you place your order. Subject to availability

TrufflePops® (Cake Pops):

TrufflePops® are our Signature Gourmet Cake Pops. A combination of deliciously moist cake and buttercream dipped in melted gourmet milk or white chocolate placed on a wooden baton,wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon in the color of your choice or they can be boxed in a candy box (as shown below). Choose from any of our cake flavors. They are approximately the size of a golf ball and are just the perfect treat anytime or as favors for your next event. We ship our Trufflepops® with a $175 minimum order.

- $ 4.00 each
Minimum - 2 dozen


Cookie Info:

Sugar cookies are made to order and custom decorated with fondant tailored to the colors/theme for your party or logo for your corporate event. They are individually and beautifully wrapped in a clear bag and tied with a ribbon except for the Boxed Cookie Favors, which are individually boxed is a white box with a clear lid and Ribbon color of your choice.

Custom Sugar Cookies -  $150 minimum order to ship.
Boxed Cookie Favors -   $ 200 minimum order to ship.


- Custom Sugar Cookies:
 $3.75 each 
 Minimum - 2 dozen

- Boxed Cookie Favors:
 $7.00 each 
 Minimum - 2 dozen

Gourmet Half Pound Cookies 

Cake and Cupcake Flavors:

These are our most popular flavors but we can make almost any flavor you like that is not on this list. Please inquire within.

Bittersweets' Signature Chocolate
Bittersweets' Signature Purple Velvet
Carrot (No nuts. Only added at clients request.)
Chocolate Chip
Marble (Chocolate & Vanilla)
Purple Velvet Vanilla Swirl
Red Velvet Vanilla Swirl
Southern Red Velvet
Strawberry Banana Swirl
Strawberry Vanilla Swirl
Tuxedo  (alternating layers of Vanilla cake and Chocolate cake)
White Almond
Yellow Buttercake

Buttercream Flavors and Fillings:

Chocolate Chip
Cookies and Cream
Peanut Butter

Premium Gourmet Fillings: (additional cost)

Cannoli Filling w/ mini chocolate chips
Caramel Amaretto
Chambord Raspberry (Chambord is a raspberry flavored liqueur)
Champagne Cream Cheese
Champagne Vanilla Bean
Chocolate Ganache
Cream Cheese
Fresh Strawberries,Raspberries or Bananas added to Buttercream
Italian Meringue
Kahlua Gianduja Chocolate
Lemon Cream Cheese
Lemon Curd
Malibu Rum Coconut 
Pastry Cream (Vanilla or Chocolate)
Raspberry Cream Cheese
Strawberry Cream Cheese
Valrhona Chocolate Pearls added to filling
Whipped Chocolate Ganache

Please contact us for additional information and price packages.

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